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Uniontown, PA ~ 50k miles ~ Auto ~ $19.995

This looks like a really clean car. The included CarFax verifies the relatively low mileage, shows no accidents and the same owner since 1996. Consistent with being a 50k mile car, their are some signs of wear on the seats, top and elsewhere. It is very close to stock with an aftermarket exhaust.


Lake Grove, NY ~ 10k miles ~ Automatic ~ $23,500

Let’s start by saying that this car has been for sale for several months so there should be some wiggle room on that price! This looks like a solid car and the low mileage is pretty sweet. It looks stock under the hood and I’m seeing 3 VIN labels there which is great as far as lack of accidents goes. Car Gurus shows 5 owners – it’s time to rescue this out of storage, dust this one off and give it a forever home.

China Grove, NC ~ 12k miles ~ Manual ~ $23,900

Wow. This one is stunning. Even the underside shines. Everything looks flawless on this low mileage canary yellow feature car. It looks to include some of the original tags that would have been on the car at delivery. Original floor mats and even the correct valve stem caps. If I have to find one flaw it’s the Ford Motorsport splash guards screwed into the body. And, I love these things and even have them on my ‘93. Must be a decision that was made long ago. Keep them on it when you buy this car.

Austin, TX ~ 24k miles ~ Automatic ~ $11,500

Listed as an all original car. Only two pictures, though, so we only have the description to go by. Paint said to be in excellent condition. The interior is original leather as it should be for this mileage. The only thing that doesn’t make sense is the recent transmission replacement; on a car with this mileage? Seller states that the reason for selling is that room in the garage is need for a golf cart. Wow….

Charlotte, NC ~ 27k miles ~ Automatic trans ~ $14,991

I’m not sure what to think about this one. Not a bad price for this mileage. Maybe the photos are HDR which is throwing me off but something seems weird. Are those wheels argent or pearlescent? Some areas are excessively shiny like that one wheel. It’s almost like they spayed this thing down with something. It shines on the outside, yet underhood, it’s pretty dirty. Inside is nice too yet the instrument cluster is pretty disgusting. The steering wheel…is that more wear than I’d expect at this mileage? Maybe. This car is simultaneously over and under detailed, I’d say. You need to see this one in person to be sure.

Wallingford, CT ~ 59k miles ~ Manual ~ $18,921

Rare, yellow on white Feature car with manual transmission. This one is at a Toyota dealer. Maybe it was traded in on a Prius? Looks to be in great condition inside and out. Leather looks great. The engine compartment looks just like it came from the factory. A Motorcraft battery means the previously owner liked to keep it that way. Factory stereo still installed.

Sacramento, CA ~ 58k miles ~ Automatic ~ $14,000

This classic 1992 Mustang "Summer Special" rolled off the assembly line 25 years ago. Ford produced only 2193 code1FACP44E making this Mustang very original. Near-factory condition exterior flashy red paint. The interior is done in original pristine white leather. A/C, power tinted windows, tilt wheel, power seats&locks and premium AM/FM/ cassette stereo. Automatic transmission and trac-lock differential. New tires. Spent $12,000 in supercharger and on all the racing components!

Pasadena, MD ~ 45k miles ~ Manual ~ $13,788

Paint looks good on this car. Interior might have more wear than you’d like on this mileage. Side bolster of driver’s seat looks worn through. While it’s listed as having an automatic, this car clearly has a manual. Another plus is that the car has the factory am/fm cassette. Be sure to check the mileage against car fax. And, look for signs of a repaint on this one. Pic of engine compartment doesn’t show the VIN labels. This car is at a Mazda dealer who also has a 1993 yellow feature car with low miles. Go figure.