Nepean, ON ~ 85k km (53k miles) ~ Automatic ~ $23,694.84

Let me start by saying this looks like a great car with the main concern being the price (yes, that’s $USD). I have so many questions. A listing on Kijiji (do I have a key stuck?) lists this as a “World Series special edition”. I guess when your Toronto Blue Jays win the 1992 World Series (and follow in 1993) you might see a baseball connection to a car of this era. I’ve never heard of this edition, though.

Kidding aside, the car does look really clean and well kept. It has some nice mods to make it more fun. Check out the video linked on the Kijiji listing and also the Youtube channel that is related for other vids of this car. The kid doing the presenting is a true enthusiast. And, I totally forgive them for hurting my brain with currency conversion, mileage conversion and that whole World Series thing. Maybe “World Series” means something different in Canada.