Uniontown, PA ~ 50k miles ~ Auto ~ $19.995

This looks like a really clean car. The included CarFax verifies the relatively low mileage, shows no accidents and the same owner since 1996. Consistent with being a 50k mile car, their are some signs of wear on the seats, top and elsewhere. It is very close to stock with an aftermarket exhaust.


Grand Junction, CO ~ 7k miles ~ Automatic ~ BaT auction

Super low mileage triple white on Bring a Trailer that ends soon! This looks just like you’d expect an 7k mile car to look. Everything looks to be in great condition with minimal wear. Modifications look to include a Flowmaster exhaust as well as an aftermarket alarm. If I’m going to nitpick (as I do), I’d say that the detailing on this car needs some attention. Lots of left over wax on the emblems and needed cleaning for the engine and undercarriage.


Omaha, NE ~ 19k miles ~ Manual ~ $27,999

What could be better than a low mileage yellow feature car with white interior and a manual transmission? The only red flag I see is that on the car fax there is a report of 177k miles from 6 years ago by an independent service place. Maybe this is an error. Everything else but the stereo looks to be stock. Underhood and interior look great as you’d expect with this low mileage. This might be worth a look if you want this combo of color and transmission.



Belgrade, MT ~ 42k miles ~ Automatic ~ $18,500

A yellow feature car with a white interior! Not quite the rarest combo given that is had an automatic. This car looks nicely kept and owned by the original owners until recently. Stock, relatively low miles and the top looks to be original based on the condition. There is a video linked to the ad and from it, there appears to be a dent on the back edge of the driver’s door. Other than that, I don’t see anything other than a clean car here.


Denver, CO ~ 22k miles ~ Automatic ~ $19,995

This looks like a solid car with low miles. There are some cosmetic issues including some scuffs on the paintwork but overall it looks like it will clean up nicely inside and out. Unfortunately, there are no underhood pics. Based upon that huge dealer logo on the trunk lid, this car appears to be from South Dakota. I’m not a huge fan of these dealer logos but at some point do they get some retro credibility? I don’t know.


Nepean, ON ~ 85k km (53k miles) ~ Automatic ~ $23,694.84

Let me start by saying this looks like a great car with the main concern being the price (yes, that’s $USD). I have so many questions. A listing on Kijiji (do I have a key stuck?) lists this as a “World Series special edition”. I guess when your Toronto Blue Jays win the 1992 World Series (and follow in 1993) you might see a baseball connection to a car of this era. I’ve never heard of this edition, though.

Kidding aside, the car does look really clean and well kept. It has some nice mods to make it more fun. Check out the video linked on the Kijiji listing and also the Youtube channel that is related for other vids of this car. The kid doing the presenting is a true enthusiast. And, I totally forgive them for hurting my brain with currency conversion, mileage conversion and that whole World Series thing. Maybe “World Series” means something different in Canada.



Lake Grove, NY ~ 10k miles ~ Automatic ~ $23,500

Let’s start by saying that this car has been for sale for several months so there should be some wiggle room on that price! This looks like a solid car and the low mileage is pretty sweet. It looks stock under the hood and I’m seeing 3 VIN labels there which is great as far as lack of accidents goes. Car Gurus shows 5 owners – it’s time to rescue this out of storage, dust this one off and give it a forever home.



Beaumont, TX ~ 8,700 miles ~ Manual ~ $23,500

Beaumont, TX ~ 8,700 miles ~ Manual ~ $23,500. This listing on Hemmings is sooooo bad I wouldn’t ordinarily post it but I do think this car should get some notice. Very low miles combined with a manual transmission and what looks like excellent condition are the highlights here. The exhaust appears aftermarket and it’s not shared what the underhood situation is. Take a look at this listing. There are a lot of lessons here on how not to list your car for sale. But seriously, despite the bad lighting and bad photos, I think this car is a gem.


Naples, FL ~ 21k miles ~ Automatic ~ 20,500

This one looks pretty solid. Nice condition inside and out. Interior looks to show minimal wear. It looks well loved and cared for. There is even a special box containing some of the extra items! This car looks to be originally from Michigan based on the dealer sticker on the trunk lid. After buying this car, your first task is to remove that sticker!


Venice, FL ~ 21k miles ~ Automatic ~ $18,500

What draws me to this one is the low miles. Also, the condition is stated as “like new”. The pictures are just not good enough to to verify that but it does look nice from what can be seen. Possible red flag is that it has been in storage with no mention of how long. I also spot Idaho plates on this Florida car. This and that the car is pictured at a storage facility might mean it’s been stored for a while. Although, the low miles should keep this one on the radar.



Fort Myers, FL ~ 540 miles ~ Automatic ~ auction

. Yes, 540 miles! As you’d expect with this low mileage, this car looks brand new. It’s a time capsule. It sports the factory equalizer which is a cool option. If I can find a fault with this car (and I always try) it’s that it appears to have an aftermarket alarm given the red lamp on the dash. Bid to win on bring a trailer and grab this one and store it away so no one can ever put that perfect top down!


Door County, WI ~ 23k miles ~ Automatic ~ $25,000

This 7up car looks to be and, from the description, sounds to be in near perfect condition. It is very close to stock. The raised white letters and splash guards are a real throwback. This one is definitely worth a look as we enter the summer convertible season. Hopefully, the seller can provide prospective buyers with better pics.


Sumter,SC ~ 2k miles ~ Manual ~ $25,000

Super rare SAAC Snake. Personally, I’ve always loved the stripe down the side of these. This one happens to be a feature car. This price for a regular 2k mile feature car doesn’t seem that bad nevermind a car with this heritage. Obviously, I’m going to nitpick this one because that’s what I do. Look at the swirled and spotted reflections on that trunk and the amount of dust underhood. This car was not detailed for this sale. Yikes. It also makes me feel good about my slightly yellowed armrests. All this aside, this seems like a really great opportunity to pick up this rare beauty and make it next level nice.


San Juan Capistrano, CA ~ 3k miles ~ manual ~ $24,585

First question, what the heck is up with that sticker on the hood? Worse than thinking about what shadowing might be left on the paint if it comes off is that it appears off center. Take the head-on picture and draw a line from the center of the blue oval to the mirror mount. Off center. Beyond that, who can’t love a 3k mile manual feature car! Factory equalizer. Looks mint. The pictures on eBay are crap. I’ll include a link to the car listed on the dealer site where they are a little better.


dealer listing

Lake Stevens, WA ~ 60k miles ~ Automatic ~ $12,500

This looks to be a no A/C car. There are not many details in the description on this car. The interior looks to have wear that you’d expect to see at 60k. Looks pretty much stock with the exception of an aftermarket stereo and a heavy gauge cable connected to the positive battery terminal. It really looks out of place. Otherwise, with some detailing, this car looks good to go for some summer fun.


China Grove, NC ~ 12k miles ~ Manual ~ $23,900

Wow. This one is stunning. Even the underside shines. Everything looks flawless on this low mileage canary yellow feature car. It looks to include some of the original tags that would have been on the car at delivery. Original floor mats and even the correct valve stem caps. If I have to find one flaw it’s the Ford Motorsport splash guards screwed into the body. And, I love these things and even have them on my ‘93. Must be a decision that was made long ago. Keep them on it when you buy this car.


Kailua Kona, HI ~ 35k miles ~ Automatic trans ~ $15,900

I couldn’t resist posting this one as it’s in Hawaii. I hadn’t been aware that any feature cars were there. This one, which is originally from Arizona, looks pretty solid. The drivers seat has a bit of wear. OE exhaust. OE stereo. Original top. The headrests have an unfortunate change with the Mustang name added to them and using the incorrect font for 1992. It’s worth a look.


Philadelphia, PA ~ 46k miles ~ Manual ~ $12,500

The seller states that this 1992 feature car is mostly stock having gears, a Flowmaster exhaust and an aftermarket stereo on the list of mods. The interior is redone as well as the top. The original paint looks in need of some polishing judging from the pics. It’s been driven very little in recent years. Buy it and drive it.


Biscoe, NC ~ 43k miles ~ Automatic ~ $15,500

This looks like a nice car. It’s looks to have the factory stereo and original pony floor mats. There are no underhood pics. The car is mentioned as having some minor cosmetic issues. Which, the seller mentions, can be considered during the negotiations. The major cosmetic problem I see is that huge dealer badge on the trunk. Yikes.


Austin, TX ~ 24k miles ~ Automatic ~ $11,500

Listed as an all original car. Only two pictures, though, so we only have the description to go by. Paint said to be in excellent condition. The interior is original leather as it should be for this mileage. The only thing that doesn’t make sense is the recent transmission replacement; on a car with this mileage? Seller states that the reason for selling is that room in the garage is need for a golf cart. Wow….


Naples, FL ~ 2,375 miles ~ Manual ~ $33,549

Beautiful car, just be ready to pay some $$$. This low mileage example of a 7up car looks mint. That’s true for both inside and outside. The seller states that it’s fun to drive but I don’t think the new owner will drive it that much.


Mason, OH ~ 43k miles ~ Automatic ~ $11,500

The seller states that this lower mileage LX feature car convertible is always garaged and has rarely seen rain. It looks the part. It does have some scuffs on the corners which are visible in the photos. The drivers seat leather looks good except the side bolster is not visible to confirm that. This is usually the first to wear. A couple things I note as possible issues. The color of the top does not appear to be correct. It’s not white enough. It’s possibly a replacement done in the wrong color. Maybe more importantly, the color of the front bumper cover looks a shade off the rest of the car. With the seller stating no accidents, it would be advisable to look deeper into that.


Lakeshore, MI ~ 27k miles ~ Automatic ~ $16,000

This canary yellow feature car looks like a solid car. The condition looks to be excellent. The original floor mats look mint. A few chromed parts under the hood shouldn’t be that hard to deal with if one were to bring this car back to the way it came from the factory. Hopefully, the owner kept the prop rod as that may be hard to find in factory yellow.


Wyalusing, PA ~ 30k miles ~ Manual ~ $11,500

Here’s one on eBay that looks really nice. Running on Goodyear gatorbacks, this looks entirely stock. The paint looks good. I don’t know if the marks are water spots or more serious defects. A good detailing would go a long way on this car. Interior looks very good as well as underhood is looking pristine.


Charlotte, NC ~ 27k miles ~ Automatic trans ~ $14,991

I’m not sure what to think about this one. Not a bad price for this mileage. Maybe the photos are HDR which is throwing me off but something seems weird. Are those wheels argent or pearlescent? Some areas are excessively shiny like that one wheel. It’s almost like they spayed this thing down with something. It shines on the outside, yet underhood, it’s pretty dirty. Inside is nice too yet the instrument cluster is pretty disgusting. The steering wheel…is that more wear than I’d expect at this mileage? Maybe. This car is simultaneously over and under detailed, I’d say. You need to see this one in person to be sure.


Concord, NC ~ 36k miles ~ Manual trans. ~ $21,995

A nice looking example of a manual feature car. It looks good inside and out. Of note is the factory equalizer which you don’t see that often. There is an aftermarket trunk mounted CD player. The interior looks mint but I don’t think I’ve seen map pockets sag that bad; on both sides, no less. Original exhaust looks to be in place. Dealer pricing seems to be in effect $$$.


Wallingford, CT ~ 59k miles ~ Manual ~ $18,921

Rare, yellow on white Feature car with manual transmission. This one is at a Toyota dealer. Maybe it was traded in on a Prius? Looks to be in great condition inside and out. Leather looks great. The engine compartment looks just like it came from the factory. A Motorcraft battery means the previously owner liked to keep it that way. Factory stereo still installed.


Akron, OH ~ 37k miles ~ Automatic ~ $21,500

Condition is described as “like new” on this triple white with relatively low miles. Unfortunately, there are no interior or underhood pics. I wouldn’t want you to pass this one up even though the description was typed on a keyboard without a period. Snark aside, the red flag (which I always like to find 🙂) is that these pics are either really old or this car hasn’t seen any use in 8 years. That temporary tag is dated May 19, 2011. And, trust me, I researched OH temporary tags. All that I found were with dates which were month day year format.


Wilmington, IL ~ 25k miles ~ Automatic ~ $15,900

Not much of a description given for this car. What I see is nice looking, mostly, if not entirely stock feature car. What I don’t see is a VIN label on the driver’s side fender. Perhaps, it is out of frame. What I don’t understand is why that hood sits so crooked in the two photos where it is closed. Maybe, it just needs some adjustment.


Universal City, TX ~ 88k miles ~ Manual ~ $10,900

or sale by original owner. Just that alone seems uncommon on these cars today. The car has been repainted and shines nicely. Top and seats have been “restored” recently which I take means “replaced”. The transmission is a manual. ‘Nuff said.


Fort Lauderdale, FL ~ 40k miles ~ Manual ~ $12,900

This one’s an eBay reserve auction with a BIN. Not that far from stock, this nicely maintained car has Flowmaster exhaust, sub frame connectors, a strut tower brace and an aftermarket air filter. It looks clean and just like you’d expect on a car with lower mileage. The cars comes with a good amount of documentation.


Pittsburgh, PA ~ 33k miles ~ Manual ~ $11,500

This looks like a nice one. Relatively low miles. Manual transmission. Looks to be in nice shape inside and out. Under the hood is detailed as well. The seller notes that the top should be replaced. There are no pictures of it but my guess, based on him stating that he never takes it out in the rain, is that the top stays folded all the time. Buy this, replace the top and park it with the top up!


Hartland, MI ~ 77k miles ~ Automatic trans. ~ $8,900

This looks clean both inside and out and, also, under the hood. Seller states that interior leather has been newly redone. The top is just a few years old. The only disappointment here is the chrome ponies which don’t belong on this car but work well nonetheless. .


Mooresville, NC ~ 19k miles ~ Manual trans ~ $20,995

I was at first super excited to see this listing. Great paint really shines and looks pretty swirl free. Great interior with some of the factory wrapping still on the carpets, factory stereo, little to no wear on the leather. Underhood, it’s super clean. But then I saw the undercarriage. I can forgive the aftermarket exhaust, it’s the rust that causes me to pause. This is a lot of rust for this mileage. A lot. The car also appears to be under coated. Give these things, I bet there is a lot of negotiating room in that price. Even though it’s advertised as a time capsule, this is not one to store away. Buy it, show it, drive it. .


Miami, FL ~ unknown miles ~ Manual ~ $15,000

C’mon, when you list a car, you’ve got to list the mileage! This looks like a nice car that, given this condition, should have low mileage. Under the hood, this looks close to, if not entirely stock. Ignition wires look like year coded originals. VIN labels ✔️. No front license plate bracket is always nice. Also, please don’t use those map pockets! They sag without anything in them. That owners manual is killing me.


San Ramon, CA ~ 6k miles ~ Automatic ~ $27,995

6,200 Original Mile 1993 Ford Mustang LX Convertible! Stunning Example of an Original Triple White Car Foxbody that is well on its way to being a Very Collectible Mustang.
5.0L Engine.
Automatic Overdrive Transmission.
Dual Exhaust with Flowmaster Cat-Back.
Power Rack and Pinion Steering.
Power Front Disc Brakes.
Traction-Lok Rear Axle.
Front and Rear Sway Bars.
LX Package.
Arctic White Sport Leather Seats.
Bucket Seats with Power Adjustable Lumbar.
Center Console with Fold Down Armrest.
Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel.
AM/FM/CD Stereo.
Power Convertible Top with Glass Back Window.
White Top with Matching White Tonneau Cover.
Color Coded Power Mirrors.
Power Windows.
Power Locks with Factory Keyless Entry Alarm.
Rear Spoiler.
Color Coded 16 Inch Aluminum Wheels.
Original Window Sticker.
Original Owners Manual.
Original 1993 Mustang Brochures.


Orlando, FL ~ 99k miles ~ Automatic ~ $14,277

110+ HD Pictures Down BelowNEW Toyo Tires, Power Steering, Power Brakes,Ice Cold A/C, Power Locks, Power Seats, Cruise Control, CD Player,Mustang Floor Mats, Power Top With Rear Hard Glass, Cruise Control,Owner’s Manual, Original Window Sticker, 25th Anniversary edition,Part of the Mustang Club of America, Vortech V-3 sci SuperCharger, Ford Racing Wires,MSD 6A Electronic Ignition, Ford Racing Computer Chip, SubFrame Connectors,Summit Racing X Exhaust, Flowmaster Chrome Tail Pipes, Pro Flow Electronics,EdelBrock SuperCharger adapter, Aluminum Valve Covers, and BBK Aluminum Headers.I can help get this car shipped door to door for a very reasonable price


Celina, TN ~ 53k miles ~ Automatic ~ $11,500

One of 1,056 Triple White Feature Car Convertibles in 1993 with an Automatic transmission and Overdrive. This is a nice ’93 Feature Car that has only 53K verified miles.  It runs, shifts, and drives great, stops straight, the body is straight, top and all pwr windows work perfectly and top aligns straight with the windows.  Tight with no rattles. Fuel Injected 5.0L V8 runs very smooth.  Less than 1000 miles on tune-up, oil change, and wheel alignment.  Clean and dry underneath. Less than 400 miles on new Michelin tires, smooth ride. White Pony wheels have some blemishes where previous weights were located.  Everything works, even the ashtray door in the console works like it should, not broken like most. Cruise Control, Cold AC, Power Windows, Power Remote Door Locks & Alarm with Key FOB (the only aftermarket modification that I am aware of), Power Mirrors, Power Driver Seat, Power Convertible Top is Like New, Factory Top Boot has 1 small flaw (not worth replacing unless you want a show car). New Correct Leather Seats Front and Rear, New Foam in Front Seats, Extended Drivers Seat rail for a little extra leg room (have original rail). Paint shines but has been touched up in a few places (see pics) but is far too good re-paint. The panel across the top of the Windshield has been re-painted.

Adult owned and only driven on warm sunny days by last 2 owners. This Mustang was garaged the entire time the previous owner had it and the entire time that I have owned it. 

Auto Check identifies the alarm system install in 1993 and a duplicate title issued in 2002.  To the best of my knowledge I am the 3rd owner (6 owners indicated is in error, 1st owner titled it in 3 different states as indicated on auto check). No damage reports ever.


1. White Wheels have blemishes (see pictures)

2.  Paint has some imperfections and touch-ups

3. Top Boot Cover has a small flaw


Sacramento, CA ~ 58k miles ~ Automatic ~ $14,000

This classic 1992 Mustang "Summer Special" rolled off the assembly line 25 years ago. Ford produced only 2193 code1FACP44E making this Mustang very original. Near-factory condition exterior flashy red paint. The interior is done in original pristine white leather. A/C, power tinted windows, tilt wheel, power seats&locks and premium AM/FM/ cassette stereo. Automatic transmission and trac-lock differential. New tires. Spent $12,000 in supercharger and on all the racing components!


St. Charles, IL ~ 123k miles ~ Automatic ~ $13,500

1993 Ford Mustang LX Convertible triple white feature edition convertible – 5.0 Supercharged. This was a FL car up until April 2015 when I purchased it and drove it home. Never seen winter – no rust ever. DynoTune MP numbers 340 hp / 363 torque @ the wheels. Clean, clear IL title in my name. Have a folder of receipts and original window sticker. Comes with fitted car cover, Mustang keychain, 2 sets of keys, black pony mats, and white parade boot. Fully functioning AC, heat, and cruise control. Power windows and mirrors work as they should, power door locks do not work. All lights and gauges function. 

123,383 miles on body. I purchased with 117,000 miles. Just over 10k miles on the motor build. Prior to my purchase the following was done: Stock block rebuilt with 1.6 FMS roller rockers, GT40X aluminum heads, forged crank and pistons, 42# injectors, 75mm throttle body, Kenny Bell Blowzilla supercharger (9# boost), Flowzilla intake w/Cobra lower, Replaced fuel tank and added Aeromotive 320 l/h fuel pump, 3 core Ford Racing aluminum radiator, Black Magic 3200CFM fan, Monster SS AOD transmission, Aluminum driveshaft, rebuilt rear end with 3.73s (still 28/ spline), 5-lug disc brake conversion (SN95) w/drilled+slotted rotors and 93 Cobra MC/booster, 17X9 PonyR wheels, top and leather seats replaced, MSD 6AL ignition, full repaint with new weather stripping and headlights. AC Converted to 134 (still blows cold), and heater core replaced (heat works great). Kenwood CD player. Mac shortys with prochamber (off-road exhaust). Since my purchase: added a Flowmaster American Thunder (Super 44s) exhaust. New lower radiator hose, Duralast Gold battery, replaced convertible top motor and both cylinders, new motor for passenger quarter window. 4 BFG 245/45/17 tires, Bilstein shocks+struts (all 6), BBK Gripp upper+lower rear control arms with poly bushings and new 10.9 hardware, and maximum motorsports full-length weld-in subframe connectors. Reman steering rack + pump with great alignment. Switched back to stock fuel rails, coil, and distributor, Anderson Powerpipe, BA3000 MAF, new plugs+wires, re-tuned. Cervini Stormin Norman hood, gauge pod added with boost, trans temp, and clock – all gauges are autometer phantom with green glow to match dash. 

This is a fantastic and FUN car to drive. Sounds great, looks great, and gets lots of attention. This is not a 2k mile bone stock showroom car. It has been driven, well-sorted, and ready for more guilt-free miles. It’s not perfect, but in great condition. This is not a fire sale, so save low-balls. Only selling, regretfully, to reduce my fleet of cars.


Minneapolis, MN ~ 65k miles ~ Automatic ~ $8,000

1990 Ford Mustang LX 5.0, automatic, 65,000 miles, family owned since new. 25th anniversary edition – one of only 5,000 made. Original paint in excellent condition – bottle green with white top and white leather seats. Always stored in heated garage. Never driven in winter. Adult owned. 

Only mods are high-volume air intake, flowmaster exhaust, radio with CD player & Bluetooth. (stock intake and original radio/ cassette player come with the car). This car needs nothing. The convertible top is original and in decent shape. It still seals fine. It does have one inch-long crack. 

This is a stock, convertible, adult-driven muscle car.

This was originally my dad’s car until he got too old to drive. Now I’m in my late 60’s and partially disabled so it is time to let go. I was never going to sell this, but now I don’t have a use for it. The 1990 twenty fifth anniversary convertible is the famous “7-Up Mustang”, fully loaded and beautiful with a custom sport leather interior. 

Priced below market at $8,000. This is a pampered 30-year old survivor with low miles and in original condition. 


Hickory, NC ~ 35k miles ~ Automatic ~ $16,997



Cape Coral, FL ~ 47k miles ~ Manual ~ $8,000

Mustang LX 5.0, Limited addition is finished in a vibrant red with white leather it features a five speed manual transmission (new clutch 4/18/2019) power steering, breaks, windows and top. The engine, suspension and exhaust have been upgraded. The interior features a four way power seat with lower lumbar support. It is fast light and adult driven (rarely) 300 +hp. Mild cam, Headers and X back exhaust. Includes new convertible top, boot and pouch. I know what this car is worth. I bought it at Barrett Jackson auto on Palm Beach. I have all paper and titled in Florida in hand. 



Shelby Township, MI ~ 36k miles ~ Automatic ~ $16,995

Here is an opportunity to own an Ultra – Rare Fox Body Mustang, the Feature Car. Ford only built a total of 3,003 Feature Cars in 1993. They made them in Chrome Yellow and Vibrant White. The Chrome Yellow is ONLY available on the Feature Cars as it was NOT available on other Mustangs.

The Feature Car Mustangs were not just a simple little option. They have many features that are specific to the option. Monochromatic Yellow Paint theme on A pillars, windshield header, hood grill, top door moldings, trim around quarter windows, and the trim around convertible top. The Chrome 16 Inch Pony Wheels are only available on the Feature Cars. The rear deck lid has a Feature Car specific Spoiler and no luggage rack. The interior has leather seats with embroidered headrest, only found on Feature Cars as well.

114,228 Total Mustangs produced
48,986 5.0 Liter equipped (Including LX and GT, Coupes and Convertibles)
3,003 Feature Cars produced both Vibrant White and Chrome Yellow
1,503 Chrome Yellow Feature Cars produced
667 Chrome Yellow Feature Cars with Black Interior with an Automatic


Tyler, TX ~ 135k miles ~ Automatic trans. ~ $9,987

This 1990 Ford Mustang LX “7UP” Limited Edition Convertible comes in a Deep Emerald Jewel Green with White Leather interior. 7UP chose this distinctive edition to offer as its grand prize in its national college basketball promotion. It’s had two previous owners, both non-smokers, and is in “above average” condition for a 29 year old car, with all equipment functioning properly, including:
– 5.0L fuel injected V8 engine
– Automatic overdrive transmission
– Cold A/C
– Power rack-and-pinion steering
– Variable rate springs/Gas pressurized struts and shocks/Quadra shock rear suspension
– Traction lock axle
– Power brakes
– Power convertible top
– 15″X7″ alloy wheels
– Trunk luggage rack
– Halogen headlamps
– Power locks
– Premium sound AM/FM/Cassette audio with clock
– Tinted glass
– Leather wrapped steering wheel
– Power windows
– Intermittent wipers
– Full instrumentation (tach, temp, battery voltmeter, oil pressure, trip odometer)
– Articulated sport bucket seats up front
– Cruise control
– Original window sticker


West Palm Beach, FL ~ 38k miles ~ Automatic ~ $16,000

1993 Mustang LX Convertible. One of only 1056 “White Feature Cars”. Highly optioned. Desirable 5.0 HO V-8. Automatic transmission.  Runs and drives well.  Engine runs smooth and transmission shifts flawlessly. All electrical and power features work effectively as they should. Paint is good but shows some of the signs of a 26 year old car. Interior is excellent. Clean CarFax (no accidents/incidents). Only 3 previous owners. 38,506 known miles. This is not a perfect car but a very nice car.


Petersburg, MI ~ 102k miles ~ Manual ~ $10,900

1990 Ford Mustang Convertible. “7up” Limited Edition 25th Anniversary. 5-speed manual transmission. Dark Emerald Green. 102,447 miles. Ford originally planned on producing 30 of these for a promotional give away at the 1990 NCAA Basketball Finals and was cancelled at the last minute so Ford decide to produce a limited amount of these vehicles. Only 4,103 were produced and this is 1 of only 1,360 manual transmissions that were built. This car came standard with a 5.0 liter 225 H.P. V-8 engine, handling suspension, power brakes, deck lid storage rack, power windows, power locks, air conditioning, tinted glass, intermittent wipers, power steering, tilt adjustable steering wheel, Traction-Lok axle, white power convertible top, white convertible boot, dual body colored electric remote mirrors, leather wrapped steering wheel, articulated white leather sports seats, light group and halogen headlamps. The previous owner added a new convertible top and convertible boot, new tires, Flowmaster exhaust system and a custom car cover. Last year a new clutch, flywheel, throw out bearing, output shaft seal, rear main seal were professionally installed. Also, new window motors were installed. The car runs and drives great, top functions properly. The motor and transmission are stock and original. The Car has been stored inside and never driven in the rain since I have owned it. We have used this car for weekend cruising and taken it to car shows.


Pasadena, MD ~ 45k miles ~ Manual ~ $13,788

Paint looks good on this car. Interior might have more wear than you’d like on this mileage. Side bolster of driver’s seat looks worn through. While it’s listed as having an automatic, this car clearly has a manual. Another plus is that the car has the factory am/fm cassette. Be sure to check the mileage against car fax. And, look for signs of a repaint on this one. Pic of engine compartment doesn’t show the VIN labels. This car is at a Mazda dealer who also has a 1993 yellow feature car with low miles. Go figure.


St. Augustine, FL ~ 73k miles ~ Automatic ~ $6,000

REDUCED: Classic 1990 Mustang 7-UP Limited Edition, Stock 5.0, Deep Emerald Green, Auto, A/C, White Interior, White Convertible top. Runs, looks and sounds great. Ford manufactured 4103 of these limited edition Mustangs for one year. The odometer shows 73,300 miles. Since I cannot verify the mileage the car will be sold “exempt mileage & over 10 years old”. Don’t let that disturb you this car looks & runs great. I am selling this car because I don’t have room to store it & a new project car in the garage. Look up this classic car. 


Breinigsville, PA ~ 92k miles ~ Automatic ~ $9,900

“Summer Edition “ Only 244 of the color combination yellow/white/white with an automatic transmission of the 1993 Summer Edition Mustangs were built. I am the third owner of this clean titled mustang. The first owner was Rick Derringer, a Rock &Roll Guitarist. Framed presentation proves provenance and ownership. 98%Factory Original. Air cleaner,exhaust (cat back), Plug wires, battery, tires and radio are non OEM.

1993 Ford Mustang Convertible 

VIN: 1FACP44E4PF161549 
condition: good 
cylinders: 8 cylinders 
drive: rwd 
fuel: gas 
odometer: 92555 
paint color: yellow 
size: mid-size 
title status: clean 
transmission: automatic 
type: convertible


Kansas City, MO ~ 38k miles ~ manual ~ $17,500

This is a 100% original, low mileage (38,800) 5.0 5-speed Special Edition Fox body Mustang LX convertible. It is 1 of 4106 Special Edition “7-Up” Mustangs produced, and is 1 of only 1360 5-speed examples. It is also rare in that it is 100% stock original, with ZERO modifications, down to the original plugs, wires, and distributor cover. Beautiful deep emerald green metallic body with no paintwork ever, and all VIN stickers are present and accounted for. The white leather interior is showroom new, with virtually no wear present, down to the original floor mats. The white power top is original and in perfect condition–no rips, tears, wear issues, or stains. Works perfectly. The car runs and drives absolutely as new, and everything works. The 5 speed shifts like butter, and the clutch is smooth and even. Very slight wear overall as indicative of any 30 year old vehicle with these miles. Newer Dunlop performance tires on original scuff-free factory aluminum wheels. No disappointments. These low mile original Special Editions (esp in 5-speed) are the 90s collectibles Gen-X is searching for. Clean and clear title! Spring is here.


Westland, MI ~ 87.5k miles ~ Automatic ~ $11,500

This is one of Fords limited edition 1993 Ford Mustang LX 5.0 Convertible feature cars called the summer special. These cars came either in vibrant white or canary yellow. There were 1500 that came in canary yellow and the other 1500 came in the vibrant white. The cars that came in white were know for having the ‘triple white’ paint scheme. White rims, white trim, white top and white interior made this one good looking car, even the mirrors were painted white apposed to the standard black.
This car came stock with a 205 HP (at 4200rpm) 5.0L 302ci high output V8 engine and a 4 speed automatic transmission. Only 1056 came with automatic transmissions and the remaining came with a 5-spd manual.



Hobart, IN ~ 67k miles ~ Automatic ~ $11,500

Summer time is coming and time for someone else to enjoy. Adult owned for 14 years, low miles, stock and unmodified. Only 1500 produced. All vin stickers are still in place on the correct panels. No rust or accidents, always garage kept with cover and driven only in summer. Passed emissions test 3-28-2019

All new parts less than 100 miles:
*Brakes (all 4 wheels)
*Rear wheel cylinders
*Frt struts
*Inner tie rods
*Emergency brake cables
*FORD H-pipe w/cats
*O2 sensors
*Tune up



Hanover, VA ~ 54k miles ~ Automatic ~ $10,900

Selling a 1990 Ford Mustang “7-UP” LX Convertible. This outstanding example of this highly sought after Fox Body Mustang has just 54,000 ORIGINAL (and Documented) miles, a clean Carfax and title, and retains the original Window Sticker and Bill of sale. This is an unrestored (and unaltered) ORIGINAL, and as such is not perfect, however you will look hard to find a better example. The paint is still original and looks nice but has a few small spots on the hood that appear to be from tree droppings (and will probably compound out). The passenger’s seat has some light discoloration in the seam areas (see pictures), that should also clean up with a bit of elbow grease. Top goes up and down nicely. The car is a pleasure to drive: Fast, smooth and tight. 


Dewey, AZ ~ 35k miles ~ Manual trans. ~ $17,000

This summer edition mustang has been parked in a barn since 2002. Before that it was a weekend cruiser. It is only driven once or twice a month now. This is the Yellow car with white top and interior. Everything on this car is original except the stereo (original included in sale) and the radiator (original included in sale). Although there were 1500 yellow summer editions produced only 113 had the 5 speed transmission. The car was purchased for my wife in Hawaii from a Ford dealer who took it in trade from the original owner. All the summer edition cars were fully optioned. It has always been run with synthetic oil and premium fuel. The low mileage is original.
Last year 2 of these summer edition cars with 8000 miles on the clock went through Barrett Jackson and each brought close to $40000. We are in the process of moving and will no longer have room to store the Mustang. The photo is just for those of you that don’t know what a yellow summer edition Fox body mustang looks like. Serious buyers will actually take the time to come and see it.
If you don’t know what these cars look like google 93 yellow summer edition Mustang. Buy it to enjoy or as an investment. The price of nice fox bodies is going up rapidly.


Ocala, FL ~ 38k miles ~ Automatic trans. ~ $9,950

1992 Mustang LX Special Edition 5.0 V8, automatic transmission. Original almost immaculate red paint finish with white leather seats and white top and rims. Car actually has 38k documented original miles. I am the 3rd owner from new. Top and all leather seats replaced with o.e.m. material in 2017 (have documentation). Clean Carfax, No accidents ever, Car has never had any paint work. Original paint shines as if new. Always garage kept since new. No rust or corrosion at all anywhere! Matched set of performance tires. This mustang has never had any modifications at all. Completely factory bone stock! Collector grade !! Must see to believe. No issues at all anywhere on the car. Only 2100 of these special edition models were ever produced. The values on these fox body collector series cars are appreciating as the days pass.


Rendon, TX ~ 63k miles ~ Automatic ~ $12,500

This is one of 2193 of this model produced. It has a 5.0 engine and performs well. Car is in like new condition. It has new leather seating to match the original. It is a must see to appreciate. It has won two awards at local car shows in the past two years. I rarely drive it any more so decided to sell it. It is Hagerty insured for $15000.00. It has an aftermarket intake and radio. I have the removed original that could be reinstalled if desired. There is a dust cover that will go with the car. This car no longer requires emission inspection. Cash only sale.


Kannapolis, NC – 22k miles – Manual – $18,900

1993 Special Edition (Chrome Yellow) There were 1500 of these made and only 147 were 5-speeds, this one is s 5-speed. The mustang has only been driven 22,227 miles. Everything works, A/C is still R12. Factory extra: power driver seat and AM/FM/CD. Stock except for following mods that I installed 20 years ago: five lug conversion, real Ford chrome Cobra R wheels, Pro 5.0 shifter, Eibach pro springs, BBK shortie headers and X-pipe with Mac catback. This car is immaculate.
Not interested in trading except for 93 Cobra, 65/66 Mustang fastback, or maybe 65/66 GT coupe (has be nice cars).


Woodbine, MD – 37k miles – Manual – $16,500

Triple white Convertible limited edition feature car 1-1500 survivor original paint. 2 owner car stayed in Florida garage kept till 2005 and has been garaged kept in MD since. 37,000 pampered miles 5spd manual. I have done a few things to the car. New radio, Xpipe and cat delete. Chipped bigger gears in the rear the stock gears are 272. New headers and air box delete. Had new tires put on in 2017. I also had a great expense all the door window gears and motors replaced this is a common issue in this car cheap plastic was used. I have owners manual bill of sale from original purchase etc. I have kept all the old parts including exhaust. The top is original and very nice no tears. I have the original parade boot which is in great condition and also a brand new in box oem prarade boot. Paint is very nice factory paint no door dings or dents no accidents some small chips on lower panels but were touched up.